Get Involved

Get Involved

Annual New Home Build

Our home builds begin each summer with the pouring of the foundation.  Every weekday afternoon, the Fairfield High School Construction Technology class works on the home, and we can always use construction-savvy volunteers to help supervise.  Our Construction Manager is more than happy to orient you to the worksite, the students and their teacher, and to Habitat construction methods.  This is also a way for carpenters who are more familiar with traditional stick-frame wall construction to learn about the newer SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) technology.

For more information on volunteering with Fairfield Habitat for Humanity, please email us at, or call (641) 209-9450.

Group Build Days

We also welcome groups who would like to plan a Group Build Day.  These are a lot of fun, and can be a great team-building exercise.

For more information on volunteering with Fairfield Habitat for Humanity, please email us at, or call (641) 209-9450.

ReStore Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up for ReStore Volunteer Positions.  Volunteer during store hours (Wednesday –  Saturday from 10-5) or by arrangement at 1903 Business Hwy 34 in Fairfield. For more information, call 641-209-9450 or email

Board of Directors (meets once a month)

  • Oversee the work of committees and provide guidance where needed
  • Select Homeowner Partner for each new build from finalists presented
  • Approve annual budget
  • Participate in at least 1 committee
  • Help ensure Habitat International policies / procedures are followed

Committees  (varying time commitments are noted)

Homeowner Selection (Several meetings each year in Spring)

  • Work in teams to interview potential partner homeowners
  • Committee reviews interview notes and chooses finalists to present


Homeowner Support (ongoing, higher need during school-year construction)

  • Help plan and set up education for partner families (financial, home repair, home ownership)
  • Provide moral support
  • Work with partner families at the job site

Construction (ongoing, higher need during school-year construction period)

  • Work as a team to review and implement policies and procedures for Habitat construction
  • Help set the annual budget and project schedule for construction
  • Work with Volunteer Committee to ensure volunteers for the build site
  • Assist on Habitat worksite if schedule allows!

Site Selection (ongoing, minor time commitment)

  • Work with realtors and owners to secure land for future Habitat home builds

Finance (ongoing):

  • Help set the annual budget for the affiliate
  • Work with the bookkeeper to resolve questions regarding finances
  • Work as a committee to move mortgages to a third-party servicer in 2018


ReStore (ongoing):

  • Help set and meet goals and annual budget for the ReStore
  • Work as a team to review policies and procedures for the ReStore


Church Relations (ongoing, minor time commitment)

  • Communicate with the Ministerial Alliance and other area churches
  • Work with Volunteer Committee to schedule work days for church groups


Fundraising (ongoing):

  • Brainstorm fundraiser ideas
  • Assist with event planning and execution
  • Assist with completion of grant requests


Nominating (ongoing, minor time commitment)

  • Brainstorm ideas for new board and committee members
  • Discuss needs for board and committee members out in the community


A Brush With Kindness (summer)

  • Review/interview homeowners who need minor repair work done on their homes
  • Select and schedule a project each summer
  • Work with the Volunteer Committee to ensure volunteers for that day

Newsletter and PR (ongoing, minor time commitment)

  • Compile ideas for newsletter content
  • Write, edit, proofread
  • Collect and compile email addresses for e-newsletter
  • Work on Press Releases
  • Work on Facebook posts

Volunteer Committee (ongoing, higher during school-year construction period)

  • Recruit new volunteers and Keep in touch with existing volunteers
  • Schedule work days for volunteer groups from local churches and businesses
  • Help update volunteer data base