Put together a family that needs a safe place to live, an organization that wants to provide that home, and a group of high schoolers and volunteers that want to help with that mission and you have a lovely new home built for Josie and her two kids!

On June 28th at 5:15 PM the Habitat Board Members, Habitat Homeowners Selection Committee, Habitat volunteers, Mayor Boyer and the new homeowner’s family and friends got together to dedicate this home to Josie and her children. Board Member Mike Metz led everyone in a prayer to bless the home and the beautiful family that will be living in it. Homeowner Support volunteer Deb Johnson presented gifts of Bread – that the house may never know hunger; Salt – that life may always have flavor; and Wine – that joy and prosperity may reign forever.

As in years past, the Fairfield High School Building Tech Class spent two semesters building the new home. They worked very hard and did a great job! They also learned many new skills that they can take to a new career, or just use on their own homes one day.

The house wouldn’t get done without community support as well. There were product and monetary donations from local businesses, as well as volunteers. Groups from many businesses and organizations around town such as Cambridge, Aeron, Indian Hills Physical Therapy Program, Fairfield Leadership and more, donated their time to help finish this home.

If you would like to help with the next Habitat for Humanity home please call 641-209-9450.